This page contains various resources for our instructors when using the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The information presented here will generally be geared for utilizing CEFR for assessing English language learners' levels, but the criteria are applicable to learners of other languages as well.

CEFR (English) Chart

Click for a full (A4) sized chart

Click for a full (A4) sized chart

CEFR Level Videos

What does a CEFR Level A1 student sound like? How about a B2 Level? Here are some videos to give you an idea of what sort of language production you should expect from your students at any given level. Pay less attention to pronunciation, and more to what language is actually being produced. 

A1 Level Clara & Tifaine

A1 Level Tifaine

A1 Level Clara

A2 Level Zofia & Camille

A2 Level Zofia

A2 Level Camille

B1 Level Audrey & Mathilde

B1 Level Audrey

B1 Level Mathilde

B1 Level Amélie & Theo

B1 Level Amélie

B1 Level Theo

B2 Level Paul

B2 Level Théo & Blandine

B2 Level Blandine

B2+ Level Paul & Charlotte

B2+ Level Charlotte

B2+ Level Paul

C1 Level Alizée & Marie

C1 Level Alizée

C1 Level Marie

C1 Level Annabelle & Xavier

C1 Level Annabelle

C1 Level Xavier