B1 #7 "Advertisement"

Get away from the gray winter skies with a Winter Getaway package from Barn Travel. We have packages to suit all budgets. Packages start from as low as $199 for a weekend break for two. Choose from a range of domestic and international destinations. All packages include accommodation in a four-star hotel with upgrades available in certain locations, a buffet breakfast, use of a rental car, and a choice of activities and guided tours. Our Winter Getaways are available now! Call today:  1-800-BTRAVEL for more details or drop into Barn Travel and ask for a Winter Getaway package.   

B1 #8 "The Big Bang"

Thirteen billion years ago there was nothing. Then, one day, there was a big bang. In an instant an entire universe was born, all contained in a speck the size of a single atom. Within a few microseconds the size had increased exponentially, along with the heat and light that comes with it. In the blink of an eye stars were formed, burned and collapsed, each time creating new and heavier elements until at last the stars fires could sustain themselves for more than a few million years. Once this equilibrium was achieved, the gas surround some stars could form into planets, meteors and comets. 

B1 #9 “Safety Check”

Thank you for coming to this last-minute meeting. As you know, last week the health and safety inspectors came to give the factory its annual inspection. This is a routine matter, and we have always passed with flying colors, so no one was worried. However, it turns out that three of our cutting machines are faulty. We have no choice but to stop production until these mechanisms have been repaired and have passed a second inspection. We will close the factory for seven days, but everyone will receive full pay. The closure will take effect immediately. Thank you all.

B1 #10 “Airlines”

The top business story today is Doeing Aircraft’s success at drumming up business in Europe. Doeing has won a slew of aircraft orders worth 1.6 billion dollars. They have received 30 orders for their new model, the Dreamflyer, to be delivered in early 2016. With these orders, Doeing will be manufacturing 160 more planes than it sold in 2013. The company has pulled itself from the brink of failure to expected net profits of 13 billion dollars this year. This turnaround is thanks to the innovative marketing approach implemented by CEO, Bart Simpson, since he took over the company in April.  

B1 #11 "Climate Change"

The Earths climate is changing. Some people say this change is the result of human activity; others say it is only the regular cycle of nature. Whatever the cause, there is no denying that as some deserts are growing bigger, ice in the arctic is thawing and sea levels are rising. Many, many years ago, when dinosaurs were alive; the earth was much warmer than it is now, and many years after that, during the time of mammoths and early man; it was much cooler. How the current climate change will affect us is still a matter to be seen.  

B1 #12 "Oil"

Today the world runs on oil pumped from the ground. Eighty percent of the world’s oil is produced in the Middle East, the area of the world that is home to Saudi Arabia, Iraq and other nations. Oil is a compact source of energy, and is used to provide electricity to many countries, to power most cars and other motor vehicles such as ships and airplanes. Humans have used oil for thousands of years, but the first known wells were drilled in Romania and Poland in1857. Production demand really increased after 1902, when the mass production of cars began.