A2 #1 "Train Announcement"

Ladies and gentlemen, well be pulling into Central Station in one hour and 20 minutes. We apologize for the delay, but there was some trouble with the tracks outside Colby. This problem has now been resolved. The conductor will be coming through to collect tickets, so please have them ready. Remember; restrooms are located at the rear of each car. There is a smoking section located at the front of cars four and six. The weather in Brewster is currently overcast, with light rain showers. Thank you for choosing the Crown Express, and please enjoy the remainder of your journey.  

A2 #2 "The Future"

What will our world look like in the future? When I was very small I read a story about 2005. In that story all children had a notebook similar to an iPad, and all parents had flying cars. Some families even had helicopters. Of course, I was very small when I read this story, and I thought it was an amazing look into the future that I was sure was going to come true. I also thought it was so far into the future, how could I even still be alive after all those years, I would be 35 already.

A2 #3 “Neckties”

Most men who work in an office wear a necktie from time to time. The modern necktie traces its roots to scarves worn by Roman soldiers as part of their uniform. The practice spread through parts of Europe and when the French king began wearing a piece of lace around his neck he set a new fashion for French society. Both men and woman began wearing a piece of cloth tied around their necks. By the late 1800s people wanted something that was easy to put on, was comfortable and would look nice all day. The modern necktie was born.

A1 #4 “Stuck In Traffic”

Getting stuck in traffic can really ruin a good day. How many times have you been late because of too many cars on the road? You leave yourself enough time to get where you need to go and then the cars in front of you suddenly come to a stop, or slow down enough to cause you to miss your target. It's enough to make you want to stay home. Traffic jams are a part of most commuters’ lives, and they aren't going away any time soon. Hopefully someday a combination of smart cars and smart roads will provide relief. 

A1 #5 "Office Waste"

The office has always been a place where a lot of resources are being wasted. Take a look around next time you’re at work. Notice how many lights are left on after people leave. See how much paper is wasted, how much water is being wasted in the restrooms. Here are a few simple ways you can produce less waste at work: use both sides of the paper when writing a memo, recycle copy paper for drafts, turn off your lights when you leave, set up a recycling bin for cans and bottles, and don’t let the faucet run.

A1 #6 "Living In Space"

Living in space may be a dream for many people, but for some people it is just another day at the office. Since 1961, five hundred and forty three people have traveled to space. The longest any one has spent in space is four hundred and thirty seven days. In space there is not much gravity so travelers must exercise often so that they don't become too weak when they return to earth. So in the space station there is a special bicycle that is used for an hour each day by each of the people who is living up there.