A2 #7 "Living In Space"

Living in space may be a dream for many people, but for some people it is just another day at the office. Since 1961, five hundred and forty three people have traveled to space. The longest any one has spent in space is four hundred and thirty seven days. In space there is not much gravity so travelers must exercise often so that they don't become too weak when they return to earth. So in the space station there is a special bicycle that is used for an hour each day by each of the people who is living up there.   

A2 #8 "Wind Power"

Wind power is often called a clean source of energy. Wind power is called a clean energy source due to the fact that nothing is burned and so there is little or no waste. One problem with wind power is the high cost of building each tower and the high cost of keeping each tower running. Another problem is that areas with high winds are often far away from places where people live. In the future it is hoped that the cost of wind power will come down and more countries can begin using clean energy for their power needs.

A2 #9 “U.F.O.s”

What is a U.F.O.? Many people believe that U.F.O.s are visitors from outer space. Some think that little green men from Mars, or some other planet, have been visiting earth for hundreds or thousands of years. You can find many books and movies about visits by beings from beyond our solar system. Many of these stories are based on real events. Some people have claimed that space aliens have visited when they were sleeping and taken them aboard their spacecraft. Some of these people claimed to have visited alien worlds. Many scientists believe these people have a screw loose.

A1 #10 “007”

James Bond, or double-oh seven as he is often called, is a fictional character created by the writer Ian Fleming in 1953. Fleming himself served in England’s Navy during World War 2 and knew many spies, including his brother Peter. He wrote the first novel in 1952 while preparing to get married. He chose the name James Bond because he felt it was the dullest name he knew, and nobody with such a plain name could be a spy. Of course, now with 59 novels, 25 films, and a total of 7 actors who have played the cool super spy, the name James Bond and double-oh seven have come to equal spy to many people around the world.  

A1 #11 "Pizza"

Pizza is enjoyed by hungry people all around the world. One of the oldest dishes, pizza has it’s roots in ancient Greece. In the beginning pizza was a simple flour crust topped with oils, herbs and cheese. The Romans made a similar dish made of flat bread topped with honey, cheese and spiced with basil leaves. It is unclear when tomatoes were first used, and there are many claims. There are many, many different styles of modern pizza, depending on which country or region you are in. One southern Italian pizza restaurant has 500 types of pizza on the menu! 

A1 #12 "Living In Space"

I often take a taxi when I visit a city for the first time. A ride in a taxi is often a nice way to get a feel for a new city, as a taxi driver is usually familiar with the interesting places to visit, good places to eat and any events that may be going on. The first taxi service opened up in London in about 1605. These days, every major city has some form of taxi service, and most medium size cities do as well. Taxicabs are most often sturdy cars such as Toyotas, Mercedes Benz or Fords.