Are you a career language instructor, a professional looking for a chance to share you knowledge of your language and culture with motivated individuals?  We may be looking for you.
Unlike most other language schools in Japan, Four Seasons is interested in hiring professional instructors, not just good-looking young "native speakers". We want dedicated people who are committed to education and professional standards. We offer a challenging and supportive work environment, and also do everything we can to alleviate the culture shock and inevitable travails your life in Japan may entail.

Four Seasons has three categories of employment:   
"In-house" (Full-time and Part-time language instructors)
"External" (Full-time embedded liaison)
"Contract Worker" (Translation/Interpretation/Copywriting Assignments).  

Our "In-house" staff don't always work only in our school. They regularly travel to different companies or even private homes, in addition to working in our own classrooms. They handle a variety of classes; from businessmen to homemakers, children to adults, at all language levels, from beginner to advanced.
The reasons our clients study foreign languages vary; some need it for business and some want it for travel.  Others have lived overseas in the past, some plan to, and some need specialized vocabularies. For example, we once customized a class for an Ear Nose and Throat Specialist who gave lectures and presentations overseas. We learned a great deal about the conditions in the nasal cavity! 

We currently have a staff of 2 full-time and 40+ part-time instructors. We are a close-knit community, supporting each other professionally and personally.  One former teacher noted that, "when I consider it now, years later, the friendships I made at Four Seasons have proved to be in many ways more enduring and meaningful than those I made at college. I probably stay in touch with as many members of my Four Seasons 'class' as I do with my college class!"

Our "External" employees have the unique opportunity of immersing themselves completely into the Japanese working environment. 
Corporate Liaisons enter the Japanese business world and become members of the regular staff at local corporations. Do you want to understand the inner workings of the Japanese business world? Curious about the real life of a Japanese salaryman? This may be your chance to enter the realm of international business.

Our "Contract Work" varies regularly. Four Seasons is always looking for local residents with specialized language skills (Chinese, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Thai being some of the current popular requests), or for qualified instructors able to substitute for our regular staff on short notice, or to cover an extra class for a few months. We can also provide regular work for translators, interpreters and copywriters in many fields. If you'll register with us, we'll see what work we can offer to supplement your regular job, or perhaps, just to "get you out of the house" for a while.