It's not always who you know...

I have a lot of hobbies. I draw, I write music & poetry, I take photos. (I take a lot of photos) And because I carry a laptop around with me all the time, I use a lot of different software to assist me in my hobbies. One piece of software I recently stumbled upon is called Aurora HDR. Its main job is to expand the dynamic range of photographs, sometimes to make them "pop", sometimes to achieve interesting effects.
Long story short; I tried out the demo, liked the software, and paid for the "Pro" version so that I can access all the bells and whistles. When I registered the software I put Japan as my location, because, well, that's where I live.
On Tuesday, I received an e-mail from the COO of the company who puts out the software asking if I can help them with their upcoming Japanese language version of the software, specifically they need someone to Beta Test the Japanese UI, and they also need their support website translated, could I introduce someone?
Lucky for both of us Four Seasons not only teaches language, we also translate. So I could offer him our services, and he can trust that one of his actual users is overseeing the work. Looks to be a definite win for everyone!